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Family Map - Portfolio Template

This template is to record and display the diversity of families at your service.

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  • Updated on: 13 March 2021
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Settings: LDC, FDC, OOSH
  • Framework: General
  • Type: Free
  • Format: pdf, word

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Family Map Overview:

The Family Map template is a free template to celebrate the diversity of Australia.

It enables families in the service to share where they are from and for services to use this information within the template to further develop children's acceptance of diversity through different learning opportunities.

This template can also be used as part of a display for Harmony Week (from 15th March).

This template includes:

  • A Title - this can have the hello in the child's home language or the child's name.
  • A World Map - the purpose of this it to mark/ colour the country where the family is from on the world map. If parents are from a different country each this can be marked.
  • Answer Boxes  - for the questions asked.
  • Image - for child's family photo.
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