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Is your toddler too big for their crib? Are they constantly trying to climb in and out of their cots? Is your toddler ready for toilet training? Then it’s time to say goodbye to that baby crib and transition your toddler into a big kid bed! This is a big moment for you as you watch your little baby begin to grow into an independent, active toddler. This article will provide you with practical information and strategies you can use to ease the transition from a crib to a bed.

Congratulations...your toddler is growing up! This is such a big milestone for your child to achieve. The toilet training phase is such an exciting part of you and your toddlers life. Tt can get messy at times during the beginning stages and there will be a fair share of “accidents”.  Once you have trained your toddler to use the toilet, it's a great relief! No more nappies to change and best of all you don't have to spend money buying them!

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