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How To Use Premium Templates In MS Word

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How To Use Premium Templates In MS Word

Most of our Premium and Free Templates are available in MS Word version. This is a tutorial on how to use our templates in MS Word.

  1. Download the MS Word version of the Template.
  2. Open it in MS Word.
  3. In the boxes where text is required, insert a text box. To do this go to Insert - Shapes - Choose Text Box. Outline the box. Text can now be added.
  4. To add images to the Template, go to Insert - Shapes - choose Rectangle. Outline the box where the image is to be added. When adding this it will be blue.
  5. Right-click on the blue box. select Format Shape - select Fill - select Picture/Texture fill - select Insert Picture From File - select Picture from your computer. It will now be inserted into the Image box.

Please note:

  • If the Text Box goes outside the Template, you must change the layout option and select "With Text Wrapping Through". Lines will also appear around the text box shape, to hide this, go to FORMAT - Shape Outline - No outline.
  • Once again, like the Text Box if the box goes outside of the Template, you will need to change the layout option and select "With Text Wrapping Through".
  • Once the image is inserted, you can rotate it using the rotate button just above the inserted image. You can also remove the border around the picture by going to Picture Tools Format - Picture Border - No Outline.

Using our Templates in MS Word is an efficient way to complete documentation. It's also available for FREE for everyone with access to a computer. It is user-friendly, provides formatting options and enables you to edit the Template as per your service requirements.

Created On January 6, 2024 Last modified on Saturday, January 6, 2024
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