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Chickenpox is a viral illness. The chickenpox virus is also called varicella virus or varicella zoster virus. It is the same virus that can cause shingles.
Understanding what triggers your child's asthma can take time. Asthma triggers may not be the same for each child and children often have more than one trigger. You may not always be able to avoid your child's asthma triggers but…
Gastroenteritis (gastro) is a very common illness in infants and children. It is usually caused by viruses that infect the bowel. It tends to be more common during the winter months.
Glue ear is fluid in the middle ear, behind the ear drum. Some other names you may hear glue ear called are Otitis Media with Effusion or maybe Mucoid Otitis Media.
In hot weather it can be very easy for physically active children to suffer from dehydration, heat exhaustion, or even heat stroke. A physically active child can be described as a child who participates in at least an hour of…
Bean bags are cushions or similar items filled with small polystyrene beads or other lightweight beads.
Cots are baby beds with four raised sides, usually with one moveable side that may be released and dropped down, thereby lessening the difficulty of babies being placed in and taken out of cots.
High chairs, boosters and hook-on seats are furniture items used to support children while they are being fed. They are generally used from six months of age, when the child begins solids, to approximately 2 years of age. These furniture…
Change tables are nursery furniture items used when changing babies’ nappies. The tables are made of either metal rods or wood. The nappy changing surface, cloth or foam covered with vinyl, is held in place, approximately one metre above the…
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