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Little Mouse Colour House Posters enable children to learn and identify colours through this simple group game. Educators hide the mouse behind one of the houses and choose a child to sing the rhyme before they pick a coloured house to see if the mouse is hiding behind it. It's an easy game to play with toddlers as well. 

I Am A Robot

Category Rhymes and Songs

This is a great movement song for toddlers and preschoolers. Children can sing and dance like robots while strengthening their memory and recall skills.

Wiggle Worm Colour and Number Rhyme Posters is a great group time activity for children to learn about numbers and colours through a fun engaging rhyme.

Anti-bias experiences support respecting, valuing and embracing diversity as well as fighting prejudice and inequality and celebrating all children in a respectful and inclusive way. The following article provides anti-bias experiences that can be incorporated into the curriculum. 

This is a fun and simple game where each child will become a "dog" and guess who has got their bone. 

This is a great game for children to get to know each other and a quick and fun game for children to guess who picked them. 

 This simple game enables children to "pass the rhythm" by copying the rhythmic actions of the child next to them. 

This circle game is the one that involves a Baby Bear and a thief who steals his honey as he is asleep. Now our cute little Baby Bear is on a mission to find the thief as he is very angry and hungry!

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