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New Year New Changes

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New Year New Changes

First of all, we would like to wish all our Aussie Childcare Network users a very Happy New Year and we wish the New Year brings you success, prosperity and happiness.

We have renewed our milestones for this year and have set ourselves new goals that we want to achieve from Aussie Childcare Network. Ever since our website was created in 2009, it has been one of the most exciting journeys and we want to make 2018 to be the year of even more growth.

To prepare for our upcoming goals for 2018, we have made a few big changes and updates to the Aussie Childcare Network website. Here is the summary of the main changes we have done:

1. As of 01 Jan 2018, we have dropped the support for Students on Assignment Support Forums for Cert 3, Diploma and Bachelor Studies. We will continue to provide support and maintain the forum on all general topics. However, the assignment forums will be locked and even though you cannot post your question in the Assignment forums, you are still able to browse through the topics to find information relating to your assignment questions.

2. We have introduced new forum categories for educator's discussions. We have now included:

  • Childcare Wages
  • Childcare Interviews
  • Ratios In Childcare
  • Working As A Casual
  • Traineeships In Childcare
  • Work Placement

If you have any questions or concerns on anything related to the early childhood industry, please use our forums to ask your questions, so our community of Educators can share their experiences and pass on their advice to you.

3. We have removed the "Community" feature, which was the Social Network in Aussie Childcare Network website. We tried introducing our very own Social Network feature on our website as an experiment and we felt our users were not using its features much. Hence we decided to remove it and make our website more lightweight. Removal of Community feature also includes removal of Conversations, Timeline, Photo Albums, elaborated Profile details, Groups, Friends etc.

4. Introduced "Accounts" menu where users can access their account settings to manage their Subscription and Profile settings.

5. A simplified Login and quick Registration process.

6. A simpler User Profile page.

7. Forum updated with its own notification system and profile settings.

8. Moved our website to https protocol for higher security for our users. This means, when you visit Aussie Childcare Network, your connection to our site will always be protected, the exchange of data is encrypted to keep it secure, maintain data integrity and with authentication.

9. Upgraded our servers to improve its speed, efficiency and to manage high traffic to create a pleasing browsing experience for our users.

10. New goals for 2018 that mainly focuses on creating hundreds of new resources and provide you with all the latest information on Early Childhood Education.

The above is just a summary of some of the big changes we have done to our website in preparation for 2018. We intend to release so much more resources and continue to do what Aussie Childcare Network does best.

Thank you all for your support and enjoy a great start to 2018!

Last modified on Friday, January 5, 2018
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