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Diwali Art and Craft Activities

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Diwali Art and Craft Activities

Diwali "Festival of Lights" is celebrated in India on Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th November. It is one of the largest and brightest festivals in India. One of the many ways to celebrate Diwali is by bursting fireworks and lighting lamps. Here are some new craft experiences to start your Diwali celebrations at your centre or at home.

1) "Firework Prints" is our first craft experience to make your own sparkly fireworks for festivals and celebrations!

Click here to view activity: Firework Prints

2) "Diwali Paper Lamps" is our second craft experience. Lamps are significant during Diwali as it signifies goodness. Create these Diwali Lamps which can be used to decorate the room. 

Click here to view activity: Diwali Paper Lamps

Happy Diwali!

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