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The Christmas Joke Cards have fun jokes that can be shared with children. These can be used during group times they can also be shared with older children in OOSH services. The Christmas Joke cards can also be added to the parent display board and changed daily to spread holiday cheer.

Christmas Gross Motor Movement Cards are a great way to get children moving to enable children to use whole-body actions. Each action is simple to follow and movements are based on a Christmas theme.

The Christmas Songs Posters provide lyrics to Christmas songs and rhymes that children can learn during group time for the upcoming holiday season. These song posters can also be displayed within the learning environment.

Christmas Shadow Matching encourages children to examine the different shapes of various Christmas objects and match them to their correct shadows. It helps children with visual memory and enables children to sort based on the similarity and differences of different objects.

The Christmas Countdown Posters are a fun way to start the last month of the year by counting down how many days till Christmas. This will be fun to display in the foyer and the learning environment and each day it can be changed leading up to Christmas. A great display to include within the service.

Christmas Pattern Blocks enable children to develop spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills by creating Christmas pictures using pattern blocks. It also helps children to sort blocks based on size, shape and colour.

Santa's From Around The World Posters displays different images of Santa's in different countries and also provides a brief description of how Santa is depicted in each country. These are great for discussion points with children and incorporating different cultures within the learning environment.

Santa's Truck Gift Counting enables children to recognise the number on Santa's truck and add the correct number of presents at the back of the truck. This activity is great for number recognition, for children learning their numbers and for one-to-one correspondence.

Christmas Around The World Posters shows the different ways countries celebrate the holiday seasons. This is a great starting point to start discussions with children on traditions around the world and to understand similarities and differences between countries. 

Reindeer Shapes is a simple shape matching activity for children. Children have to choose the correct shape to add to the reindeer nose to complete the reindeer face. 

These can be laminated and use with the shapes provided or even as playdough mats. A great Christmas activity. 

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