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Rangoli Colouring Pages enable children to choose a rangoli design to colour in and decorate. 

Rangoli is a traditional Indian decoration of simple patterns and geometric shapes made with ground rice, particularly during festivals including Diwali. 

Monster Colouring Pages enable children to create their own monster. They can colour, collage, paint a monster of their own. 

Space Colouring Pages is a great way to get children excited about space! These colouring pages include the planets, astronauts, aliens, moon, stars and more. These colouring pages can be paints, coloured, collaged. They can also be laminated and used as play dough mats. 

Human Body Organ Colouring Pages enable children to learn the different names of organs and to understand what each organ looks like in their body. Its a great starting point for children to become interested in their human body and to recognise different parts. 

The Australian Animal Colouring Pages enable children to recognise and name common Australian animals. These colouring pages can be used as part of an art and craft experience where children can paint, colour, collage each Aussie animal.

Children will enjoy creating their very own farm animal mask. These masks can be coloured, collaged and painted to make them nice and bright. Cut out the eyes and 2 holes on either side of the face, add string and tie around children's face. These can also be used as farm animal hats by cutting the face out and attaching them to cardboard to fit around the child's head. 

Here are a variety of colouring pages for children to colour, paint, collage for Father's Day. These are a cute way for children to express their love for dad on Father's Day. 

These fruit colouring pages enable children to develop good pencil grip as they practice holding a pencil while colouring. Children also develop their hand eye coordination and support children to concentrate and focus.

Children can learn the different flags for each country of the world by colouring a country flag. Children can also learn primary and secondary colours through this experience and also provides a fun colour matching activity.

Diwali is a festival celebrated in India that signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair. Also acclaimed as the Festival of Lights, Diwali is associated with lights, sweets, and liveliness. Families light diyas (clay lamps) throughout their home to ward off darkness and evil. Fireworks also play a significant role in celebrating Diwali with families setting off many different types of fireworks throughout the day and into the night. To celebrate Diwali we have 8 Diwali colouring pages to use. They can be used as part of a craft experience, or children can paint, decorate or cut them out.

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