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The Penguin Information Posters provide simple facts on penguins for children to understand. It can be used as a discussion point for children that show an interest in penguins. These posters can also be used in a display.

Penguin Tracing Lines aims to help children in the development of pre-writing skills. It provides children the ability to use cognitive development, observations, hand-eye co-ordination and encourages the child to draw in a specific direction. As a child practices tracing over these lines through copying and tracing this will give them the confidence and ability to write letters and numbers correctly.

Penguin Match Counting is a counting activity from 1 to 10 for children to match the correct number penguin to the corresponding fish. Children have to count the fish and match the penguin. This activity is great for number recognition, for children learning their numbers and one to one correspondence.

This is a great activity for Penguin Awareness Day on 20th January. 

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