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Farm Animals Cut and Paste worksheets enable children to find, match and paste the farm animal pictures together. These can also be cut and laminated and used as puzzles for young children. 

Ice Cream Shapes Match is a simple shape-matching activity for children. Children have to choose the correct ice cream shape to add to the ice cream. These can be laminated and used with the shapes provided or even as playdough mats.

Fruit Bowl Matching enables children to match the correct fruit into the correct matching basket. Each basket has an image of a piece of fruit on it, using the fruit images, children cut out the fruit image and sort it to the matching basket. This is a great game for children to sort and classify different pieces of fruit and learn to classify, sort and match them.

Worksheets of matching words to pictures

Worksheets of matching pictures to words

Worksheets of matching shapes to pictures and shape words

Worksheets of matching colours to colour words and objects

Worksheets of matching long and short vowel sounds with words

Worksheets of matching long vowel sounds to the correct picture

Worksheets of matching short vowel sounds to the correct picture

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