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On Wednesday 25 May 2022 join ARACY for a webinar with guest speakers William Tilmouth and Jane Vadiveloo from the Children’s Ground to discuss their work in bringing Indigenous languages and practices to the forefront in their Early Childhood Care and Education programs.

On Tuesday, May 3, Educators are invited to a free webinar, hosted by Narragunnawali, that will unpack the 2022 National Reconciliation Week (NRW) theme, “Be Brave. Make Change.” The webinar will explore ways Educators incorporate reconciliation and share some practical ideas for learning about and celebrating the theme in early childhood services.

Among the key principles of the NQF is the valuing of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Recognising and including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures forms the bedrock of not only reconciliation but of the broader process to foster respect for diversity and cultural competence. Here are some practical steps that educators can take to bring about deeper reconciliation and inclusion in service goals and practices.

The Bush Tucker Posters detail information on the nutrition bush tucker foods provides to the Aboriginal people. These posters can be used as a display and to start conversations with children on bush tucker.

The Australian Dot Colouring provides 8 Australian animals on a background of dots. Children can make patterns using different colour paints, textas, crayons, cotton swabs etc. Originally, indigenous people of Australia used dots to disguise the sacred meanings behind the stories in the paintings. They drew designs that included dots on the soil, sand, and made body paintings for ceremonies because they could easily erase them as they were considered sacred.

Aboriginal Symbols are symbolic language that Indigenous Australians use to tell stories of the Dreamtime and are used in contemporary art. Using these aboriginal symbol flashcards, children can be introduced to Indigenous Culture. These flashcards can be used in numerous ways to extend upon children knowledge.

This activity encourages children to appreciate the positive things that they can learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people every day.

From 27 May to 3 June National Reconciliation Week is a time for all Australians to engage in shared histories and cultures, and understand how we can all work towards reconciliation.

Through engaging with translations of a song into a number of different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, children will develop a shared appreciation of, and pride in, the diversity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages.

This craft-based activity reminds children of the cultural meanings and significance of the colours that make up the Aboriginal flag and the Torres Strait Islander flag.

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