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Butterfly Matching Clipcards enable children to match the correct butterfly. These cards can be laminated and children use "pegs" to clip the matching butterfly. This also is good for fine motor development as children use pegs to clip onto the correct colour butterfly.

The Lifecycle Of A Butterfly shows the process of how a butterfly develops, This is great for children to learn about lifecycles.

Butterfly Posters show pictures of different types of butterflies. These can be used in a variety of different experiences including during group time, for art experiences and more. 

Butterfly Garden Counting encourages children to identify the number on the sun and add the correct number of butterflies to the counting mat. This is a great activity to help children with counting and one-to-one correspondence. 

Butterfly Colour Matching enables children to match the correct colour squares to the correct colour butterfly. This is a great experience for children who are learning to recognise primary and secondary colours. 

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