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Colour Heart Sorting enables children to categorise and sort hearts based on their colour. This is a great experience for children to distinguish between different colours and to begin to match and sort based on colours too.

Pizza Colour Match supports children to recognise primary and secondary colours by sorting the correct colour pizza ingredients with the corresponding pizza. These are great to use with colour bears. This helps children to learn colours and to understand colour classification.

Kite Colour Matching enables children to match the correct colour kite to the corresponding kite flyer. Colour matching helps build visual perception and thinking skills. Children can generally sort into colours before they can identify the name of the colours. Learning to categorise and classify also helps memory skills.

Christmas Colour Match enables children to match the same colour objects under the correct colour Christmas tree. This is an excellent activity for children learning colours and sorting and categorising things based on colours.

The Matching Colour Colouring Pages enable children to look and colour. This means that children observe the colour on the left picture and match the same colour when they are colouring in the uncoloured picture. This is great for children to develop visual skills and observations skills and for those children learning colours.

The Colour Tracing Sentences helps children to begin to recognise and write the names of primary and secondary colours. Children identify the colour and colour the object in the correct colour and trace the sentences. These are great for children that show an interest in writing and to recognise colour names.

The Rainbow Collage Sorting Mats enable children to sort the different coloured objects into the correct coloured sorting mat. This is great for children learning their colours and to help children to identify objects of different colours in their everyday environment.

The Pyjama Colour Match enables children to match the pyjama bottoms with the correct colour pyjama top. This is great for children learning to recognise colours and also able to identify. Using the Pyjama Colour Match printables children will be able to identify primary and secondary colours. This is great for National Pyjama Day. 

The Colour Mixing Posters display the final colour when two different colours are mixed together. These are great to display in the art/painting area for children to refer to and to identify colours.

Colour Poems

The Colour Poems are a great way for children to learn about different colours. These poems are easy to learn for children. They are fun poems that can be displayed within the learning environment.

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