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“I haven’t got any homework”… How many times has your child come home from school and said that? Unfortunately, most children think that homework is a chore, a complete waste of time. According to a lot of children they feel like if they have to sit and do homework there will be no time for playing or watching television. In some cases, just trying to get your child to do their homework is a constant struggle. Then there are other issues such as too much homework, too little homework and even as a parent not being able to understand the homework…argh it’s just HOMEWORK and schools understand the importance for children to play and have leisure activities outside school hours.

You just arrived home with your new baby and now you can begin the new chapter in your life as a two-child family. However, things aren't the same as before: your older child isn't used to sharing their attention from you with the new baby. All you have to do is help connect your older child with their new sibling with some thought, sensitivity and planning.

Internet is an important resource in today’s society for everyone and it has become a part of life just like mobile phones, Television, etc. There are also so many gadgets and devices you can use to surf the internet like laptops, mobile phones and even refrigerators! Internet is so useful now since there are so many things we can do. In fact it’s a lot faster and efficient, without even needing to go out. For instance -banking, shopping, pay bills, communicating with friends and families, make phone calls, search for information, directions & maps, research school reports, play interactive games and much more. The possibilities and the usage are limitless.

At times your child would not want to sleep at night. This can cause chaos as you try and get your child to go to bed and they just simply refuse. Your child can also start to get out of bed as soon as you leave the room or begin to wake up two or three times during the night. This is quite a common problem among children. It's important to deal with it as soon as it happens so your child understands that nights are for sleeping.

Sometimes you hold your baby in your arms, talking gently, swinging softly side to side and then….the crying starts. You've checked your baby’s nappy it’s clean, feeding has already been done so your baby isn’t hungry and they already went down for a nap... You have tried everything but you can’t seem to get your baby to stop, panic sets in as you begin to worry what is wrong with your little one… Don’t worry; this is a common problem for most parents dealing with a crying baby.

A consistent and stable routine is helpful for your baby, toddler or child's development. Having meals at regular times and fixed bedtimes each night, enables your child to structure their day and this contributes to your child's overall sense of security and well being.

Sleep is a universal need and it's not just you who ends up frustrated and grumpy through no sleep. Babies that sleep well during the night are more likely to feel happy through out the day, however those who sleep poorly are more likely to feel irritable and I'm not just talking about your baby...

Now that your baby is older, they play a much more active part in their bedtime routine. Your toddler is becoming more independent and beginning to make their own choices. Your toddler may have a favourite “cuddly” to sleep with and may have their own set way of getting into bed.

Breastfeeding...what an amazing ability female bodies have to produce milk for their own baby. Breastfeeding is a natural process that develops while you are pregnant until you are ready to produce milk. Best of all it's free!!

As a parent, you will usually notice speech problems when trying to communicate with your child. When your child responds, you may have difficulty understanding what they are trying to convey.Symptoms such as, stuttering, mispronunciation of words, slurred speech or inability to speak are all part of speech delays.

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