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Teachers Shocked and Parents Shamed For Lunchbox Items

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Teachers Shocked and Parents Shamed For Lunchbox Items

When Parents send their child to school or to childcare, one of their responsibilities is packing a healthy lunch. Teachers and Educators take the responsibility of making sure that all children are eating healthy.

Teachers have revealed what items they were shocked to see children bring in their lunchbox. Such as a case in the UK, a child turned up with a McDonald's Happy meal including cold fries and burger. Another child only had a packet of ginger biscuits for lunch. Once Parent had packed can of Red Bull with corn snacks after the child complained of being tired in the morning from staying up all night on his Xbox. A teacher had also found an 8 year old child with alcholic cider but the childwas unaware of what exactly it was.

On the other hand, there are Parents that go above and beyond to pack a healthy lunch for their child only to be "lunchbox shamed" due to the over the top food restrictions.

British mother Luara was lunch shamed and her 2-year-old was prevented from eating 3 mini cookies packed in his lunch box because it was too unhealthy. She has also included sandwiches, cheese, crackers, chopped fruit and veg.

Another Parent received a note from her child's teachers saying not to pack sultanas as they were deemed too high in sugar.

It's important for Parents to pack a well-balanced lunch for their child. However, Teachers and Educators should create a food policy that enables a child to enjoy sweet treats in moderation. The child does not only eat at lunchtime. We need to consider the overall picture of what a child eats from when they wake up until they go to sleep at night.

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