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On Thursday 21st July, Dr Mary Hall will be presenting a free webinar on Key Fundamentals Of Supervision: Practical Strategies For Keeping Children Safe.

The video recording of the Big Six Of Literacy What and Why Webinar which was delivered on 4 May 2022, is now available to watch. The webinar consists of the basics of the Big Six Of Literacy and Practical Strategies to use with children.

For Victorian Educators, on Tuesday 28th June, join Anthony Semann for a complimentary professional development session at The Learning Sanctuary Brighton.

On 21 June, Literacy Hub is conducting a free webinar on Phonological and phonemic awareness: From theory to practice. This webinar is designed to provide teachers with an explanation of these concepts, while also providing practical activities and strategies for use with children.

On Tuesday 21 June, a free webinar hosted by Raising Children Network, presented by Dr Fallon Cook will be conducted on a range of strategies that will help babies and toddlers who are having sleep difficulties. 

The webinar helps to recognise the signs and symptoms that indicate a child has been affected by an infectious disease.  It provides guidance on recognising and managing occurrences of infectious diseases, and practical information on gastro, respiratory illnesses and other infectious diseases common in children and more.

The NSW and Commonwealth governments are providing fee-free part and full qualification courses for job searchers and existing workers in the early childhood education and care sector under the NSW JobTrainer programme. JobTrainer provides fee-free training that is fully financed by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

The NSW Departments of Education and Communities and Justice hosted a workshop on navigating child safety reporting duties on March 28, 2022, which is currently still available to view. The webinar provides information on child reporting obligations and navigating reporting child safety issues or child protection concerns to the relevant agencies.

On Wednesday, June 08, The Department of Education, Early Childhood Education, will be conducting a free webinar on Ensuring Children’s Safety On Transport.

Summer Farrelly is a 15-year-old Autistic Advocate where she had recently presented at the 2022 Australian Inclusive Schooling Conference. In this free webinar held on 21st June, Summer will be presenting the following topics covered including challenges autistic students face within the learning environment and identifying strategies that benefit the class as a whole, identifying and understanding autistic emotions and anxiety and more. 

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