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From the 01 November, for Cert 3 and Diploma Educational Leaders, they will now receive an allowance of $4,022.05 per year.

Early childhood educators are represented by the United Workers Union (Union), which has called for a strike on September 7 in protest of the wages and working conditions in the industry.

Hundreds of early childhood union members voted to take national action, shut down the early learning sector and take to the streets on Early Childhood Educators Day on September 7.

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 5.75% increase in minimum wages following its 2023 Annual Wage Review. The increase will apply to base rates of pay from the first full pay period starting on or after 1 July 2023.

Wage discussions and salary negotiations with employers are sure to rank high in any list of difficult conversations for educators – riddled as the issue is with a range of complexities, from personal aspirations to sector-wide trends. The following article lists strategies on how to talk to your employer about pay, including knowing your worth, being prepared, using open-ended questions and more.

One early childhood education and care provider which is situated near Gold Coast is being ordered to pay back workers. The amount that has been ordered to pay back is nearly almost $250,000. Not only that they have been ordered to pay near about $45,000 as a penalty for failure to comply with three Compliances Notices that has been given by the Fair Work Ombudsman whose requirement was to make the back payment of the entitlements.

The Levels For Childcare Wages In Australia Posters enable Educators to determine what classification structure they fall under, according to the Children’s Services Award 2010 that determines their minimum wage. Each Poster gives a definition of the level, qualifications required and the duties an Educator should perform in order to be paid at that particular level. This will help Educators to understand their correct level and their correct pay at that specific level. These Posters should be displayed in the Staff Room or added into the Orientation Pack for Educators so they understand their classification level. 

When working as a Diploma Qualified Educator your pay rate is from the Children's Services Award 2010. This Award states your minimum rate of pay based on the completion of your Diploma Qualification. The following will provide information for Diploma Qualified Educators on minimum wages including full time and casual, job responsibilities and more.

As part of the Modern Award Review, the Fair Work Commission has varied a number of clauses in the modern awards, which includes changes to the Children's Services Award and the Educational Services Teachers Award.

This is a friendly reminder for Educators and ECT's to check your pay to ensure you are currently being paid the updated minimum wage, as of 01 July 2018, which includes the 3.5% increase.

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