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To address new prerequisite requirements in the latest Community Services (CHC) National Training Package, the NSW department has developed a Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) tool to support ECEC educators with outdated pre CHC30113 Certificate III qualifications who wish to progress to a diploma.

Under the NSW JobTrainer program, the NSW and Commonwealth Governments are funding fee‑free training places for existing workers in the childcare industry to complete the Diploma in Early Education and Care (CHC50113).

The NSW and Commonwealth governments are providing fee-free part and full qualification courses for job searchers and existing workers in the early childhood education and care sector under the NSW JobTrainer programme. JobTrainer provides fee-free training that is fully financed by the NSW and Commonwealth governments.

For Victoria Educators, if you hold a diploma in early childhood education, you can complete this specialised Bachelor of Early Childhood Teaching in just two years, graduating ready to work as an early childhood teacher. The course complements our three-year Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, which caters to applicants without a diploma in the discipline.

As an Educator in Australia, your pay rate falls under the Children’s Services Award 2010. This award states the minimum amount that an employer can pay you based on your qualification and your position while working in an early learning centre. This article will provide you with information on minimum wages, details of classification structure higher duties and allowances. The minimum wage table has been updated to reflect the 5.75% increase that will be effective from 01 July 2023. 

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