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The Healing Foundation’s Stolen Generations Resource Kit for Educators and Children has been created to educate young people about the Stolen Generations. It makes it easy for the community to start the conversation and inform discussions using facts, real examples and stories.

If your service is to ensure the best outcomes for children in your care, it is imperative that your educators and other staff work together as a team. One of the most enjoyable ways to foster team motivation is with games. Here are a few fun-filled team-building exercises to try at your next team-building session.

It has been reported by many children at Yappera Children's Service that they are suffering from breathing difficulties as toxins are being dumped nearby by constructing units in Melbourne. Children, as well as teachers and other staff, are also facing difficulties in the respiratory system as within 10 meters of the Aboriginal childcare centre the toxic soils are being dumped.

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