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Phonics - An Essential Foundation For Early Reading

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Phonics - An Essential Foundation For Early Reading

A new scientific study that aims to end the so-called reading wars has found that phonics is an essential foundation in the early stages of learning to read.

Phonics involves sounding out words rather than reading them, but this new study shows that combining phonics and a whole language approach works best. There are studies that show that phonics is important and the reason being the way the written structure is structured around representing sound, so it makes sense to teach that to children, let them know how the writing system is set up and then they can crack the code.

Researchers have found that phonics is a key component, it isn't enough on its own with children needed to move from identifying individual sounds to whole words/sight words together with comprehension.

The aim of the review is to bring an end to reading wars because they are getting in the way of scientific evidence flowing through to the classroom.

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Collins, Antonette, "Is This The End Of The Reading Wars? Study Finds Phonics An Essential Foundation In Learning To Read", ABC News, June 16th 2018. 

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