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Healthy Harold New Early Years Learning Program

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Healthy Harold New Early Years Learning Program

The Healthy Harold preschool program supports children’s learning and development to live a safe and healthy life. The play-based incursion is fun, interactive and designed to help build healthy, safe and mentally resilient little people. The program is suitable for children aged 3-5 years.

With each Program above our Life Ed Educators facilitate an interactive session that includes storytelling, music and songs, energetic active games and hands-on learning experiences.

Your Life Ed Early Years Learning Program school booking includes:

  • Your choice of module
  • Your choice of delivery method that is available in your area and best suits your needs
  • A specialist Life Ed Educator to facilitate the lesson
  • A unique, impactful and memorable experience
  • An observation template to aligned to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Suggested learning environments to provide a stimulus for deeper learning and investigative play
  • A digital resource pack to deepen the learning

Modules include:

Harold’s Healthy Day - Harold’s Healthy Day is one of Life Ed’s new modules supporting preschool children to develop and build skills that encourage a healthy lifestyle. The program focuses on nutrition, hygiene, physical activity, the importance of sleep, rest and connections.

Harold’s Big Feelings - Harold’s Big Feelings is one of Life Ed’s new modules supporting preschool children to build social and emotional well-being skills and knowledge. The program focuses on emotional literacy, emotional regulation, friendship and connection and help-seeking.

Super Safe Harold - Super Safe Harold is one of Life Ed’s new modules covering all areas of safety. It teaches children about the idea of connections, including people who keep us safe and building help-seeking skills, developing children’s agency to ensure the safety of themselves and others.

Benefits include:

  • Linked to the Early Years Learning Framework
  • Building foundations for lifelong learning and development
  • Empowers positive decision making
  • Active participation in learning experiences
  • Enhanced attitudes towards health
  • Age-appropriate activities about the importance of a balanced lifestyle
  • Promotes and fosters deep thinking, self-regulation and responsibility

To explore modules and lessons: Healthy Harold Early Learning Program 

Last modified on Wednesday, July 13, 2022
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