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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is Spreading

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Hand Foot and Mouth Disease is Spreading MidgleyDJ

In NSW, there has been a rise of more cases of hand, foot and mouth disease with an increase of those needing hospital care.

Hand Foot and mouth disease commonly shows up in children but can affect a large proportion of the population, who may not even be aware that they have contracted it.

Hand foot and mouth disease is highly contagious and common to children in childcare settings. It starts off with a high temperature and in a couple of days blisters appear on hands, feet and inside the mouth. It can be very painful, especially for blisters within the mouth making it difficult to eat and drink. Even though the fever may only last a couple of days, blisters on the hand, foot and mouth remain for upto 10 days and during this time the disease is highly contagious.

According to Dr McAnulty, half the population had been exposed to at least one of the strains of hand, foot and mouth disease which is often caused by the Coxsackie virus.

Since some people aren't even aware that they have, it easily spreads onto others, making it harder to control.

The Hand Foot and Mouth disease is typically spread amongst children in childcare centres as children are constantly touching each other, don't have good hygiene practices and are in close contact with one another.

While working parents will stay home to care for their sick child, it becomes difficult for parents when their child seems well. Even so, the child needs to stay away from childcare until all the symptoms are gone, as it's likely to the virus could spread throughout the community.

For more information in regards to signs, symptoms and prevention of Hand Foot and mouth disease, read: Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

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Last modified on Wednesday, November 16, 2016
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