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Childcare Services Named and Shamed For Fraudulent Activities

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Childcare Services Named and Shamed For Fraudulent Activities

The Department Of Education and Training (Aus) has developed "The Child Care Enforcement Action Register" which lists services that have been suspended or sanctioned under "A New Tax System (Family Assistance) (Administration) Act 1999 (the Administration Act)".

The Act, that the Services have been sanctioned under is due to fraudulent activities such as providing false statements or documentation, fraudulent activities to reduce fee payment, false claims etc. for CCB and CCR requirements.

This is a stepping stone in the right direction since this register will make Services think twice about carrying out illegal and fraudulent practices.

Now that the this Register has been developed, it's important that childcare services should also be named and shamed for breaching regulations, failure to meet NQS requirements or have had compliance notices issued against them based on the National Regulations and Law.

There have recently been statewide shutdowns across Australia and centres found guilty of breaches including physically disciplining children, failing to protect them from harm, failing to provide adequate supervision or an approved learning program or appropriate staff numbers. and misleading parents about their centre's quality rating. Where are these Services being named and shamed?

The Child Care Enforcement Action Register which has been developed doesn't stop Services carry out unethical work practices and that are breaching practices which put the children at risk. It is just a name and shame of Services rorting the system for the money.

Let's hope that ACECQA can also develop a register to name and shame Services breaching Regulations and of any serious incidents that had occurred in Services.

To view the list of services that have been named and shamed due to fraudulent activities: The Child Care Enforcement Action Register


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Last modified on Saturday, January 6, 2018
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