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Childcare Centres Shut Down and Compliance Notices Issued

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Childcare Centres Shut Down and Compliance Notices Issued

In VIC there has been a statewide crackdown on dodgy childcare providers, where centres have been found guilty of breaches including physically disciplining children, failing to protect them from harm, and misleading parents about their centre's quality rating.

More than 1200 investigations were launched by the Andrews government, which resulted in 16 people being banned from working in education and care services.

22 compliance notices were issued to centres for breaches including physically disciplining children, failing to provide adequate supervision or an approved learning program or appropriate staff numbers.

Another 20 providers were also forced to reduce their enrolments and to send staff for further training.

It is alarming to see that childcare providers still manage to do the wrong thing even with so many rules and regulations being set, it seems though some childcare providers are able to dodge it and still be able to run a centre that is unfit to provide care for children.

As Educators, it is our duty of care to the children and families to report services that are breaching regulations or providing unethical practices within the setting. Children are unable to voice their concerns and the families are being misled, only Educators within that service has the ability to stand up and put a stop to it before a serious incident occurs.

If you are working in a service that you feel is breaching regulations and providing improper care, please report it to your states Regulatory Authority (contact details can be found on the ACECQA website). Document as much information as possible of the incidents that occur within the service and provide this as evidence so action can be taken.

Families trust us with their children and it is our responsibility to provide the utmost support to each family, ensuring we are keeping their children safe.

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