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September Calendar of Events 2022

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September Calendar of Events 2022

The following list of cultural and special events that are taking place in September 2022. This should help you to plan and organise upcoming events and celebrations for September 2022.

01 September

  • Indigenous Literacy Day – Attention to the disadvantages experienced in remote communities and encourage the rest of Australia to raise funds and advocate for more equal access to literacy resources for remote communities.
  • Starlight Movie Month - Starlight Movie Month is a chance for your colleagues, family, friends and neighbours to raise funds for seriously ill children and their families.
  • Liptember - A campaign raising funds and awareness for women's mental health during the month of September. All funds raised during the month of September are donated to the Centre for Women's Health and Lifeline.
  • Debris Month of Action - a growing movement of scuba divers protecting the ocean planet - one dive at a time. More than six million tons of marine litter are estimated to enter the ocean each year, and scuba divers are doing their bit to battle this silent killer. During September, action is ramped up in order to combat the growing marine debris problem and inspire year-round action to remove, report and prevent underwater debris.
  • Save the Koala Month - aims to raise awareness and funds for the conservation of wild koalas and their habitats.

04 - 10 September 

  • National Child Protection Week - Australia observes National Child Protection Week each September, as part of a nationwide initiative to protect children from abuse and neglect, recognising that protecting children is a whole community responsibility.

05 September

  • Father’s Day - Showing appreciation for fathers or father figures.
  • National Child Protection Week Starts - This campaign aims to engage and educate all Australians to understand they have a part to play in keeping our children and young people safe from violence, abuse and neglect.

06 September - 10 September

  • Kids Teaching Kids Week - a free, national, inquiry-based, peer teaching program that uses the environment as a theme and focuses for learning. Students of all ages find solutions to complex environmental problems such as climate change, water, waste, conservation, energy, drought, population and pollution. Students research, develop and then perform songs, comedy, dance routines, poems, plays and experiments for their classmates to deliver their messages about the environment.

07 September

  • Early Childhood Educators Day -recognises & celebrates the work of Australia's educators in early learning services for their wonderful contribution to the wellbeing and healthy development of the young children in their care.
  • Threatened Species Day - is commemorated across the country on 7 September to raise awareness of plants and animals at risk of extinction. Australia is home to more than 500,000 animal and plant species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.
  • National Health and Physical Education Day - has been designed to raise awareness of, and advocate for, a greater focus on HPE in our schools. If you are a teacher, why not take your class outside for a lesson or organise a PE-related excursion? Schools, why not plan a fun run or walk for your students? If you are a parent, why not walk home with the kids or take them to a nearby park for some play time after school?
  • International Chocolate Day - A day to celebrate all things chocolate. 

08 September

  • International Literacy Day - raise awareness and concern for literacy problems that exist within our own local communities as well as globally.

09 September

  • RU OK? Day - A national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, “Are you OK?” if someone in your world is struggling with life’s ups and downs.

10 September

  • White Balloon Day - annual awareness and fundraising campaign to protect Aussie kids from child sexual assault.

11 - 17 September

  • Foster Care Week - is an annual event that celebrates and raises awareness about foster care in the care services sector and within the wider community.

12 - 18 September

  • National Organic Week - to increase awareness of the benefits of organic products and farming production systems and accelerate the uptake of these in the wider Australian community and environment.

19 September

  • Talk like a Pirate day - nationally recognised as the major fundraiser for Childhood Cancer Support, is an opportunity to polish ye hook and say “AHOY there, me hearties” to all ye mateys, school crew and workmates.
  • National Thank A Cop Day - is your opportunity to make them feel valued and loved. On the 19th of September annually is the community's chance during Police Week to personally thank each and every one of them. In recent times there is ample evidence that they are doing it tough as the job becomes more demanding and individuals lose respect for them in aggressive ways. Make them feel appreciated and special citizens on this day through our actions.

21 September

  • International Day of Peace - is a global day when individuals, communities, nations and governments highlight efforts to end conflict and promote peace.
  • World Gratitude Day - We should focus on what we are grateful for and appreciate what we have, rather than what we want or think we need. It's possible that we can keep our unnecessary and frivolous consumption at bay too.

22 September

  • World Rhino Day - is a day of awareness for all five rhino species and the work being done to save them.

23 September

  • International Day Of Sign Languages - to raise awareness of the importance of sign language in the full realization of the human rights of people who are deaf.

25 - 27 September

  • Rosh Hashanah - is a Jewish celebration that is commonly referred to as the Jewish New Year. It is a time of casting off sins and preparing for a new year. 

26 September - 5 October

  • Navaratri - India - is the Hindu festival that translates to "nine nights". It is a festival for followers to invoke the energy of the Universal Mother.

29 September

  • World Heart Day - Cardiovascular diseases are the world's biggest killers. World Heart Day is a reminder to take care of your heart.

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Note: This is to be used as a general guideline only. These dates may be subject to change.

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