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January Calendar Of Events 2024

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January Calendar Of Events 2024

The following lists cultural and special events that are taking place in January 2024. This should help you to plan and organise upcoming events and celebrations for January 2024.


  • 1st – 31st January
    Walk Your Dog Month

  • 1st January
    New Year’s Day
    Public Domain Day
    Gantan Sai (New Years) - Shinto

  • 2nd January
    World Introvert Day
    National Science Fiction Day

  • 4th January
    World Braille Day
    World Spaghetti Day

  • 6th January

  • 7th January
    Orthodox Christmas Day

  • 10th January
    World Hindi Day

  • 11th January
    Girl Hug Boy Day

  • 12th January
    Earth Chakra Day

  • 13th January
    Rubber Duckie Day
    Maghi - Sikhism

  • 14th January
    International Kite Day

  • 15th January
    Pongal - Hinduism

  • 17th January
    Kids Inventors Day

  • 18th January
    National Winnie The Pooh Day

  • 19th January
    Feast Of Epiphany - Orthodox Christianity

  • 20th January
    Penguin Awareness Day

  • 21st January
    Squirrel Appreciation Day
    National Hug Day
    World Religion Day

  • 24th January
    International Day of Education

  • 25th January
    Mahayana New Year - Buddhism

  • 26th January
    Yabun: Celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures
    Invasion Day
    Survival Day
    Australia Day

  • 27th January
    Chocolate Cake Day
    Holocaust Memorial Day

  • 28th January
    National Lego Day

  • 29th January
    Puzzle Day

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Note: This is to be used as a general guideline only. These dates may be subject to change.

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