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International Play Specialist Marc Armitage on Tour In Western Australia

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International Play Specialist Marc Armitage on Tour In Western Australia Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

International play specialist Marc Armitage from the UK touring WA for Educators to attend a Professional Development session on Risky Dodgy Play, The Benefits of Playing Outside and Experimenting With Elements of Danger.

Play as a behaviour appears to be universal and rough and tumble in all its forms in one particular type of playing that is equally universal. Yet it concerns many adults who attempt to restrict it if not ban it outright.

PD Session 1: Risk, Hazard, Danger, Injury, Fear

This session will explore why it is that we adults are so wary of allowing for risk in play and at what measures we can take to make us feel more comfortable about it. The session will introduce you to Risk-Benefit Assessment (RBA) and Dynamic Risk Assessment (DRBA) as an alternative to Risk Assessment as well as help us put risk into context.

It will identify a number of forms of play that include risks that all our children need to be able to experience, no matter what their age and connect and explore how they can be provided with examples and suggestions.

PD Session 2: War, Weapon & Superhero Play

This session aims to answer this by exploring the history of this type of play and looking at how it has changed over time, it examines the current research perspective and asks what its long and short term effects of it are. The starting point, however, is to define what it is as there is more types of rough and tumble and each throws up very different issues.

2022 WA Gigs

  • Perth WA - Mon 13 June
  • Kalgoorlie WA - Tue 14 June
  • Esperance WA - Wed 15 June
  • Albany WA - Thr 16 June
  • Cowaramup WA - Mon 20 June
  • Bunbury WA - Tue 21 June
  • Geraldton WA - Thr 23 June
  • Dampier WA - Mon 27 June
  • Karratha WA - Tue 28 June
  • Port Hedland WA - Wed 29 June
  • Broome WA - Thr 30 June
  • Perth WA - Sat 2 July

Attendance Certificates:

There are no attendance certificates available for Tour gigs but if you print your tickets and present them to Marc at the gig he will sign them as an indication that you attended.

$85 Main Tickets after 1st January 2022

The ticket price includes tax.

It helps hugely if you can book online BUT if you need to make a group booking by the invoice for FIVE PEOPLE or more please email with details.

Each gig is listed by date, location, and venue – but note there is more than one topic and time slot in the tour, so double, double-check! and also please read the refund and covid safe policies.

For more information: Marc Armitage On Tour

Last modified on Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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