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Free Webinar On Infectious Diseases In Early Childhood Services

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Infectious Diseases In Early Childhood Services Image by RachelBostwick from Pixabay

The webinar helps to recognise the signs and symptoms that indicate a child has been affected by an infectious disease.  It provides guidance on recognising and managing occurrences of infectious diseases, and practical information on gastro, respiratory illnesses and other infectious diseases common in children and more.

The NSW Department of Education in the collaboration with health professionals from the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network, Red Nose Australia, and CPR Kids has conducted The Supporting Children’s Health Workshop.

By viewing this presentation you will:

  • Learn how to recognise signs and symptoms that indicate sickness in a child
  • Learn how to manage a child that is displaying signs and symptoms of sickness in your care
  • Understand the importance of appropriately cleaning an area and surfaces
  • Learn how to identify and reduce risk in the prevention and control of infection

Further Reading: 

The aim of environmental cleaning is to minimise the number of germs to reduce the spread of infections, that survive on surfaces in the education and care service. For more information: Cleaning The Childcare Environment To Stop The Spread Of Infections

The following information details the recommended exclusion periods for infectious diseases. These are based on how long a child/educator with a specific disease is likely to be infectious and to be excluded from the service until they have passed the exclusion period and are well enough to return.  For more information:  Exclusion Periods For Infectious Diseases In Early Childhood Services

For more information and to watch the webinar: Infectious Diseases


Last modified on Tuesday, June 7, 2022
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