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This template is to share in a child's portfolio of a special friend that they have at the service. 

Self Portrait

Category Child Portfolios

This template is used for a child to draw their self-portrait. 

Progress Report

Category Child Portfolios

This template is used to share the progress of the chid's learning and development with parents.

This portfolio template is used as a keepsake of the child's fingerprints when they were small.

This template can be used to give an overview of a child's progress in a half-yearly or yearly report. 

This template is used to create passports for children to use during playtime or when engaging with children on virtual excursions.

A beginning of the year child portfolio template to start off the New Year.

This template is used during Halloween celebrations at the centre to show the different costumes and characters.

This Fathers Day template is to be used as a keepsake for child portfolios and to share with the child's dad during Father's Day.

This portfolio template can be used to detail the events that occurred during NAIDOC Week.

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