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This template can be used as an art portfolio for children.

Some of the most significant early childhood learning takes place through art and craft activities. Thus children’s artwork is considered among the major forms of pedagogical documentation. The following article provides information on the importance and strategies of displaying children’s artwork.

Art enjoys a highly significant space in early childhood learning programmes for the way it promotes a variety of learnings. Both as a process and product, art helps improve creativity, cognition, social skills and emotional expression in children. If you are involved in the planning or implementation of art-based play and learning in young children, here is a bit more on the different stages of child art development.

In early childhood settings, one of the most popular experiences that a child enjoys is painting. As soon as the painting area is set up, there always seems to be a “charge” for the smocks and arguing about who is having the first turn. Painting is inviting, simple and engaging for a child and supports their overall learning and development. The following article provides a list on the different types of materials and items children can paint with.

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