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Data showed that fewer kids are attending preschool, and experts have called once again for universal free childcare. According to the figures, which the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released recently there were 4,575 fewer kids registered in childcare programmes in 2022 than there were in 2021, a 1.3% decline.

The Coalition has pledged to invest $1 billion this year to begin the construction of 500 new preschools, moving forward with its core education programme of providing free pre-kindergarten to all four-year-olds.

The Start Strong 2023 program for long day care provides funding to deliver affordable quality preschool education to children aged 4 and above who are enrolled in eligible long day care services in NSW.

Among all the changes that impact a child’s early life, one of the most significant is the move from early education and care setting to a full-time school. The following article provides Educators with a guide on planning supportive transition practices for preschoolers going to primary school the following year including practical ideas to involve children, partnering with families, collaborating with other professionals, planning transition programs and more. 

The Early Years Learning Framework identifies that positive attitudes and competencies in literacy and numeracy are important aspects
of communication and are vital for children’s successful learning. The indicators have been developed to support teachers to extend and enrich every preschool child’s numeracy and literacy learning. The following article provides information on What Are The Indicators, the Importance of The Indicators, Learning Processes, Numeracy and Literacy Indicators and more. 

ANZAC Day is commemorated on 25th April and is one of the most important national commemorative occasions in Australia, marking the anniversary of the first major military action fought by Australian and New Zealand armed forces during World War One. Learning about ANZAC Day helps young children to understand the life and times of Australia and its people. The ceremony and traditions are such an integral part of our culture that it gives us an opportunity to talk to children about the importance of ANZAC Day.

In Victoria, children from 3 years old will learn about gender equality in a state-funded playgroup program.

It is reported that Teachers and Early Childhood Educators are finding that children are struggling with basic literacy.

You have a new child starting in your room, their excited, their parents are happy and the family seems to be settling in well with the centre environment. The first day has come for the child to start, parents say goodbye and then the child starts - screaming, crying, pulling, begging their parent not to leave.  

At this point preschoolers begin to interact effectively with others. Play becomes more innovative and organized and “boyfriend” or “girlfriend” begins to emerge. Preschoolers have developed an understanding for other’s feelings and become more sensitive. They will also want to be given more responsibility and enjoys helping out with chores... basically at this stage a preschooler is a mini adult.

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