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Free Food Allergy Training For Cooks and Educators In Early Childhood Services

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This course is designed to help children’s education and care providers and staff gain knowledge and understanding about food allergens, and to develop best practice procedures to ensure the right food is given to the right child.

There are 4 units in the All about Allergens for Children's Education and Care course:

  • Unit 1: Food allergy and children’s education and care services
  • Unit 2: Communication and supervision for allergy management
  • Unit 3: Menus and food labels
  • Unit 4: Practical management of food allergens

You will need to work through the 4 units in order. Each unit will take about 10-15 minutes to complete. On completion of all 4 units, you will need to complete the Final Assessment. On successful completion of the Final Assessment, you are issued with your Certificate of Completion, which can be downloaded and printed. A score of 90% is required to pass the Final Assessment.

This course is suitable for kitchen staff (cooks and chefs), educators and teachers. This course is also applicable to services where all children bring their food to the service. Even when food is being provided, there are still requirements to store food and supervise children eating.

For more information and to enrol: Food Allergy Training

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