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Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson For Preschool Children On Tuesday 7 September

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Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson (ABCSL) is a free livestreamed event available on Tuesday 7 September, that will teach children key personal safety concepts in a fun and age-appropriate way.

In these age-appropriate, engaging, and positive lessons, children will learn skills and strategies to seek help if they ever feel unsafe. The lessons reframe accessing support as a truly heroic and courageous act.

In National Child Protection Week, the Daniel Morcombe Foundation will livestream two brand new video safety lessons to children around the country.

Australia’s Biggest Child Safety Lesson has been developed using age appropriate and evidence-based personal safety education strategies for children from 4 years old.

This edition of Australia’s Biggest Child Lesson is fully animated. It has a duration of approximately 10 minutes.

For children in the Early Years (from 4 years old), key learning objectives include:

  • To RECOGNISE safe and unsafe situations and body clues.
  • To REACT to keep ourselves safe.
  • To REPORT unsafe situations.

Their is accompanying lesson plans and resources available for Educators to download that includes Early years lesson synopsis, educator guide, 3 children activities, how to participate and more.

You can download it here: Resources

Preventing child sexual abuse is everybody’s responsibility. Teaching children that they have the right to be safe, that they are allowed to say no to anything or anyone that makes them uncomfortable, and that there are adults who will help them has the power to prevent harm. These messages also empower children who are experiencing abuse to tell someone who can help.

Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson will go live at 9am AEST on Tuesday 7 September. The lesson is approximately 10 minutes long.

To register your service and for more information: Australia's Biggest Child Safety Lesson



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