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3% Increase Now Applies For Educators, ECT's and Trainees Earning Minimum Award Wages

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As of today 01 July 2019, Educators, ECT's and Trainees who are currently earning minimum wages from the Children's Services Award 2010, the Educational Service Teachers Award 2010 or the National Training Wage will now receive a 3% pay increase from the first full pay period.

Please make sure that you check your wages to ensure that you have received the 3% increase (if applicable) and that you are on the right Level according to your position and qualification. 

To check to see your new pay rate, check the wage tables in the following:

Childcare Wages In Australia

Early Childhood Teachers (ECT) Award Wages in Australia

Childcare Traineeship Wages and Conditions

To check your current level according to your qualification and position, please read the following:

Levels For Childcare Wages

The Fair Work Commission has announced a 3% increase in minimum wages following its 2019 Annual Wage Review.

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