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Bean bags are cushions or similar items filled with small polystyrene beads or other lightweight beads.

Cots are baby beds with four raised sides, usually with one moveable side that may be released and dropped down, thereby lessening the difficulty of babies being placed in and taken out of cots.

High chairs, boosters and hook-on seats are furniture items used to support children while they are being fed. They are generally used from six months of age, when the child begins solids, to approximately 2 years of age. These furniture items allow babies/children to join their family at the dinner table in an elevated position so that they may enjoy all of the action going on around them.

Change tables are nursery furniture items used when changing babies’ nappies. The tables are made of either metal rods or wood. The nappy changing surface, cloth or foam covered with vinyl, is held in place, approximately one metre above the ground, by the supporting metal or wooden frame. Change tables may also have shelves underneath the changing surface for storage of nappy changing essentials such as nappies and wipes. Some metal framed change tables double up as baby baths and hence have a bath accessory.

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