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Five Little Monsters Sitting On The Floor

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Five Little Monsters Sitting On The Floor

This Halloween counting song is simple and easy for toddlers and preschoolers to learn. Children can use their fingers as they say each verse and also include actions of what each monster says. 

Five little monsters sitting on the floor.

The first one said, “Let’s knock on someone’s door!”

The second one said, “Let’s act a little scary!”

The third one said, “Why are we so hairy?”

The fourth one said, “I hear a funny sound!”

The fifth one said, “There’s no one else around!”

Then “WHOOSH” went the wind and “EEK,” someone said.

So five little monsters ran under the bed.

Hints and Tips

  • Instead of using first, second third you can change them to colours. For example "The red one said, "Let's knock on someone's door". This will help teach children to identify colours especially if using visual aids. 
Created On October 30, 2023 Last modified on Tuesday, October 31, 2023
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