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Baa Baa Pink Sheep

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Baa Baa Pink Sheep Aussie Childcare Network

Baa Baa PINK (any colour) sheep 
Have You any SPOTS? 

Yes Sir Yes Sir (or child's name) 

One on my knee 
And one on my Tummy, 

One on my Nose 
And that's not funny 
(but is really is!!)

Alternative Lyrics:

Baa Baa Pink Sheep,
Have you any spots?

Yes sir, yes sir
Lots and lots!

Some on my fingers,
and some on my toes!
Some on the end of my little pink nose!

Hints and Tips:

  • Instead of spots use a different pattern (stripes, wavy)
  • Use colour flashcards to help child identify colour of the sheep


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