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New Curriculum Template - Weekly Plan of Significant Learning

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New Curriculum Template - Weekly Plan of Significant Learning Aussie Childcare Network

I have created a new curriculum plan template "Weekly Plan Of Significant Learning" for LDC, FDC and OOSH centres, which is now available to download. This template is available to download in both PDF and MS Word version as well. This is our first template for this year and also our first template available in the MS Word version which allows you customise it further if needed.

The Weekly Plan Of Significant Learning is a simplified weekly curriculum plan that enables educators to record and evaluate the significant learning that the children will experience throughout the week.

For each significant learning experience there is also an Evaluation field (to link to the EYLF/MTOP outcomes) and Extension and Enrichment (for follow up experiences). The Weekly Plan also includes Weekly Group Goal that can be based upon the learning outcomes or centre philosophy. Planned Opportunities (intention teaching) and Suggestions From Educators, Children and Families (child and family input) are all part of this template as well. 

This Weekly Plan of Significant Learning template is a very quick and simple way to develop and record planning opportunities within a room. It also enables educators to think about and observe the significant experiences the children are involved in.

Click here to download this template: Weekly Plan of Significant Learning

Hope you enjoy using our first new curriculum plan template of this year!

Happy Planning!

Last modified on Friday, January 30, 2015
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