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Staff Meeting Templates

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Staff Meeting Templates

We have created Staff Meeting Templates and this pack consists of two templates - "Staff Meeting Agenda" and "Staff Meeting Minutes". 

The Staff Meeting Agenda Template can be used to inform educators that a staff meeting will be held soon and the agenda items that will be discussed during the meeting. This can be put on the notice board in the staff room and circulated among the staff. The Agenda Items are broken down into sub headings such as Important Announcements, NQF, Policies and Procedures etc. This enables Directors planning the staff meeting to focus on what is relevant and to get the staff involved in the decision-making process when it comes to important matters within the service. There is also an area for Staff to add their own Agenda Items if they wish to discuss any topics themselves at the staff meeting.

The Staff Meeting Minutes Template is used during the staff meeting to detail and record the discussions that took place during each of the Agenda Items.  The Meeting Minutes should be used as educator input to further develop strategies and support staff in centre matters. The Meeting Minutes should be kept along with Staff Meeting Agenda template and filed away for future reference when needed.

Click here to download this Template Pack: Staff Meeting Templates

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