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New End of Year Portfolio Templates Released!

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New End of Year Portfolio Templates Released!

We are excited to release the new version of Online EYLF Tools Templates that now includes 4 new Portfolio templates. These will help all educators in completing the end of year portfolios for each individual child. The templates are designed to support Early Childhood Educators working in a Long Daycare setting, Family Daycare or OOSH Before and After School Care Setting in Australia. These templates can be used to complete individual child's portfolio in a simple and professional way by adding a personal touch and sharing your memories of the child with their families. New templates include a report based on EYLF, a personalized letter to the parent, an end of year poem and a Q&A for the child. So, if you are stuck on ideas on how to end your portfolios these new templates should solve all your problems!

Here is a brief overview on the new templates that are released in this version:

1) EYLF Achievement Report: This is a report written by the room leader for each child. For each learning outcome add comments and details on how the child has achieved the learning outcome. At the end of the report there is a "Message from the educator" section where you can add a personalized message about the child and how they did throughout the year.

2) Moments to Remember: A little questionnaire to ask each child to add into their portfolios. Just a few questions about their year which is a good memento to have. There are three photo options at the bottom to add any photos of the child with friends, playing etc.

3) Parent Letter: It's always a good idea to include a thank you to the parents for offering their support. This template helps you to do this. Add parent’s names as well as the child’s to make it more personal. There is also a box to add a personal message of what you will remember about the child.

4) Thanks for the Memories: A nice little poem to say goodbye to each child. Add a class photo or a group photo of all the children in the group. This can be used as the final page of the portfolio.

The end of year portfolio templates was created after the requests from our users. We understand that this is a busy time of year for all educators in completing portfolios and getting them ready to send home to families. We are hoping these new portfolio templates help you in some way by adding the finishing touches to each child’s portfolio. 

Click here to Check out our Portfolio Templates!

Last modified on Sunday, January 4, 2015
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