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New Daily Information Sheet, Learning Story and Child Obs Released

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New Daily Information Sheet, Learning Story and Child Obs Released

We have created a few new templates that you can use along with some updates to our existing templates.

Here is a quick summary on features included in this version.

New Templates Released:

The following new templates are now available in our site:

1) Daily Information Sheet: This template is to be used on a daily basis for each individual child to record important information about the child's day that parents should be aware of. This includes nappy changes / toileting, sleep times, foods child ate, etc. This template can be used in a Family Daycare or a Long Daycare setting.

2) New Learning Story Bubbles Template: We have created a new simplified version of Learning Story template. From the reviews we've received so far, we understand that many educators are trying to find an easier and efficient way to incorporate Learning Stories in a Child's Portfolio or to be used as part of an observation. We have also received a few requests for a portrait layout of Learning Story template. This new Learning Story template only provides the essentials needed when documenting using a learning story format. 

3) 5 New Child Observation Templates: These new child's observation templates are categorized into each of the 5 EYLF learning Outcomes (or MTOP for OOSH format). These templates can be used when recording a child's observation based on a specific learning outcome. Sub outcomes of the main learning outcomes can be added into the evaluation and reflection section. These templates will enable educators to keep track of each specific learning outcome observed for individual children.

4) Reflections Of Our Week Template: This is basically the same as the 'Reflections Of Our Day' template we have. In the previous version, the "Reflections Of Our Day" template had the ability to change to 'Reflections Of Our Week' format by using a drop-down menu. Although we had this feature, we received frequent emails with a request for a "Reflections Of Our Week" template. Since it seemed to have been hidden in the last version, we have separated this weekly template in this release so it is easily identifiable.

Other Important changes done to our Existing Templates:

1) Curriculum Plan Templates: We have updated all curriculum plans for FDC, LDC and OOSH, both Daily and Weekly Formats. In these plans, we have updated and added to the Curriculum Reflections questions in the second page which enables educators to reflect and evaluate the overall curriculum plan and to make sure all the necessary components have been added onto the curriculum plan.

2) Reflections Of Our Day: Apart from separating this template to 'Reflections Of Our Day' and 'Reflections Of Our Week', we have also included the Reflection Questions in the second page. This is newly added in the current version of templates only. The reflection questions are to be used to reflect and evaluate the day's experiences.

We hope you all enjoy these new templates and updated features to our existing templates. Remember to discard the old version and download the latest version of these templates from the below link.

Click here to view Templates 

Last modified on Sunday, January 4, 2015
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