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New Daily Diary Template Now Available

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New Daily Diary Template Now Available

We have now created a new "Daily Diary" Template with an amazing design that provides a creative and colourful way to present the daily evaluation. This template can be used for Long Daycare, Family Daycare and OOSH settings and is downloadable in both PDF and MS Word versions.

The Daily Diary is the simplest way to evaluate the planned and unplanned experiences that the children participated in throughout the day. It's an important document that links past and future experiences to the Curriculum Plan.

This Daily Diary template is used to evaluate the planned and spontaneous experiences as well as any emerging interests which occurred during the day. The evaluation within the daily diary should determine whether the children participating in the planned experiences had achieved the overall goal (learning outcome) and how. For any spontaneous experience or emerging interests that occurred during the day this should also be mentioned in the daily diary. When adding the spontaneous and emerging interests, extension ideas for these particular experiences should be added in order to further extend upon children's learning.

The Daily Diary is also the most parent "read" as parents usually get an understanding of what their child was involved in during the day. This is why I have designed and created a "diary" themed template. This template provides a fun and an interesting look to the Daily Diary!

I really hope this new look of the Daily Diary gets more parents involved in knowing what happened throughout the day.

Click here to download: Daily Dairy

Happy Planning!

-- Lorina

Last modified on Monday, March 16, 2015
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