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10 Interest Area Templates Created

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10 Interest Area Templates Created

Over the past 2 weeks we have created 10 different templates all related to the learning areas that are set up in an early childhood setting. These templates give examples to families of the learning and benefits their child engages in while playing. It's important to share these experiences with families so they develop an overall understanding of playing and how their child develops through playing. 

For children, interest areas guide play, exploration and discovery which are all used to foster children’s holistic development. 

Interest areas enable educators to think intentionally about how to organize the space and involve the children to provide accessible materials that engage children and enhance their play experiences.

We have now created the following 10 templates to complete our Interest Area Templates Collection:

1) Art and Craft

2) Block Play

3) Outdoor Area

4) Library Area

5) Water Play

6) Cooking Area

7) Puzzle Play

8) Home Corner

9) Computer Area

10) Construction Area

All of these templates can be used for a child's portfolio and it enables you to add 3 images of the child playing in the specific area as well as a description to accommodate the photos. It also has the benefits the child gains through playing within the interest area as well as a tick box to Link to The Curriculum (Outcomes, Principles and Practices). These template also features a colour theme and clip art images for that particular interest area. These templates can be used in LDC, FDC and OOSH Settings.

Hope you find these interest area templates useful and put it to good use. 

-> Click here to download all Interest Area templates <-

Happy Planning!

Last modified on Sunday, July 26, 2015
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