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Virtual Excursions For Children

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Virtual Excursions For Children Rojas Medina Passion

With social distancing and the current lockdowns in effect, take a virtual excursion with your children. Virtual excursions enable children to visit and discover places all over the world virtually. Visit countries across the globe with Google Earth, famous monuments such as Buckingham Palace, the Vatican, the Great Wall Of China and even space such as the International Space Station, Mars, the Sun and more!

Virtual excursions can be implemented within the program for both Preschool and OOSH children depending on emerging interests. Create passports for children to "fly" to each country to visit monuments or even create ticket stubs to visit virtual aquariums and zoos. A lot of fun can be had when using virtual excursions, the possibilities are endless!

For more information, please read the following: Virtual Excursions From Around The World

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