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Plagiarism, Cheating, Copying and Pasting Answers

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Plagiarism, Cheating, Copying and Pasting Answers

Couple of days ago I received a complaint from a course provider stating that students in the class have been copying and pasting assignment answers from the Aussie Childcare Network support forum. It saddens me to hear that the information provided on the forum is being misused by some students. Copying answers from the forum itself is considered plagiarism and cheating and our forum is not a source to get "easy answers" from.

I provide support in our forum with utmost honesty and sincerity. It takes a lot of my time and effort to find additional information to assist students with their assignments by pointing them in the right direction. The reason we have the forum is to genuinely support students that are finding questions difficult to answer or to even understand the wording of the question being asked. I wish to reiterate to all students that we do not use the forum as a source to provide answers to students.

It deeply saddens me when I hear that in spite of all our genuine efforts, there are still some students who prefer to copy and paste answers instead of putting in their effort take this as an opportunity to learn and educate themselves. 

Therefore, I have created an article on "Plagiarism and Cheating" which explains what exactly is Plagiarism and Cheating and how to avoid this when completing assignments. I suggest all students to read this article so you understand the seriousness of Plagiarism in Australia: 

Click here to read the article: Plagiarism and Cheating



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