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MTOP Framework For School Age Care - Reference Guide

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MTOP Framework For School Age Care - Reference Guide

The My Time Our Place Framework has been developed for school age care educators working in partnerships with children, families and the community, including schools. MTOP Framework aims to extend and enrich children's wellbeing and development in school age care settings. 

Here are 3 quick reference guides for educators in OOSH services to use when developing programs. The outcomes and achievements listed will easily help you identify the Framework outcomes you need to develop children's learning.

MTOP Outcomes - A list of the MTOP Learning Outcomes that you can use as a guide or reference for your documentation and planning.

How Educators Can Promote MTOP Learning Outcomes - To support children achieve learning outcomes from the MTOP Framework, the following list gives educators examples of how to support and facilitate the children attain their goals. It also provides examples on how to promote each individual outcome throughout an OOSH setting. 

How Children Can Achieve MTOP Outcomes - A a guide for educators on what to observe under each sub learning outcome from the MTOP Framework, when a child is engaged in play and learning. Educators can plan experiences for the curriculum and gain an understanding on how children can achieve each individual outcome.

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Last modified on Friday, March 17, 2017
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