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Preschool Graduation Songs

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Preschool Graduation Songs

For Educators working in the Preschool Room, it's time to start planning for the Preschool graduation ceremony.

Here are 4 simple graduation songs that can be taught to the Preschool children, that can be sung at their Preschool Graduation ceremony!

The Addams Family Graduation Song
- This graduation song, pays tribute to the 90's Addams Family TV show. The lyrics are easy for pre-schoolers' to remember and it's a fun song for children to sing as part of their graduation.

Dynamite - Here's a popular song Dynamite, originally sung by Taio Cruz, used as a parody for a Preschool graduation song. The lyrics are easy and children will enjoy the beats to this song! Preschoolers will throw their hands up in the air saying ayo...they will graduate, cause they're dynamite!!

Shake It Off - This graduation song for Preschoolers is a parody of Taylor Swifts "Shake It Off". Get your Preschoolers moving and singing at their Graduation!

Two Little Words - Thank You - Here is a simple action song for the children to sing to thank their teachers and families for helping them to learn, as part of their Graduation ceremony.

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