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NAIDOC Week Art and Craft Activities

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NAIDOC Week Art and Craft Activities

This week we celebrate NAIDOC week. An opportunity to create a cultural understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people within our community. To support children's understanding we have 2 art activities that will help children gain an understanding of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community culture as they use natural materials, native animals and colours which are an important part of traditions.

Nature Bracelets

Collect and gather natural materials from the local environment and use them to decorate this bracelet. Aboriginal women gathered and arranged natural materials to make into tradition clothing, jewellery and cooking utensils which was worn and used during traditional ceremonies.  

Click here to view activity: Native Bracelets

Australian Native Collage

Create a native collage using Australian animal figurines and natural materials.  Using Australian native animals in Aboriginal Dreamtime stories, remind children of the importance of looking after the natural environment and the animals that depend on it.

Click here to view activity: Australian Native Collage

Last modified on Tuesday, July 7, 2015
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