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Trace and Circle Letters enable children to trace each individual letter of the alphabet in upper case and lower case letters. The worksheet also includes images of the letter and for the children to circle the individual letter. This is a great for children to practice their pre writing skills. 

Alphabet Cartoon Posters are great for displaying in the learning environment. It is also great to use during group time so children begin to recognise and identify letters and begin to match pictures to letters. 

The Alphabet With Picture Posters are posters that have each letter of the alphabet as well as a matching picture. This can be used in a variety of ways including as a display, to teach children letters and corresponding words and more.

Alphabet Colour Cut and Paste enables children to colour and cut the shapes on the worksheet and put them together to create a letter of the alphabet. These can be used as part of a letter of the week theme. Educators can pre cut required letters and children can colour and paste them on paper to create the individual letter.

Dog and Bone Letter Match enables children to match the correct letter bone to the correct letter on the dog. This is great for children who are learning letters and learning to identify letters.

Easter Egg Alphabet Match enables children to go on an "easter egg hunt" and find the correct matching letter to add to their Easter basket. This is a great way for children to learn and recognise letters of the alphabet.

The Feed The Dinosaur Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise letters and match each letter to the correct dinosaur. This is a great ABC learning game and letter recognition game for children.

Alphabet Picture Colouring enables children to colour, collage or paint objects that start with each individual letter. These can be used in a variety of different experiences including Letter Of The Week, laminate for playdough and more.

The Feed The Giraffe Letters is an alphabet activity that enables children to recognise lowercase and uppercase letters by feeding the giraffe the correct letters. This is a great alphabet and letter recognition game for children.

The Animals Alphabet Posters provide the name and image of an animal for each letter of the alphabet. These are great to display within the learning environment and for children to recognise the names of different animals and the letter they start with.

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